Full Frame Initiative – a useful frame for increased social impact

One interesting initiative worth looking at is the Full Frame Initiative (FFI). The FFI aims to increase the likelihood that people and communities who are currently failed by social service systems have a chance to participate in intervention that work.

Katya Fels Smyth who is the founder and CEO of the Full Frame Initiative has a passion to increase social impact by breaking intergenerational cycles of poverty, violence and trauma. To achieve this she says we must simultaneously support progress in five domains of wellbeing at the individual, family, community and institutional levels.

The five ‘domains of welling’ are social connectedness, safety, stability, mastery and meaningful access to or use of mainstream resources.

The Full Frame Initiative’s strategy to achieve this change is to transform human service systems by building a network for research, peer learning and social change and by creating tools that help organisations be intentional about their practice and shift focus towards more effectively creating these conditions for well being.

This initiative is therefore about systems change and shifting the behaviour of services towards a more person centred approach and moving systems to be more focussed on what works (and what creates change in the 5 domains) rather than on the things that are often valued (and often where the incentives for organisations are).

An example of this is that services and funders often value a program that doesn’t allow people to become fully dependent on a program and they work hard to ‘wean’ people off needing the program after relatively short periods e.g. 6 months or sometime less. Whereas what often works for people and families are programs that are there for people through thick and thin and programs that recognise that life is messy and so they respond to the entire reality flexibly recognising that every persons situation is different.

It seems that this ‘person centred’ more flexible and responsive approach is what many service providers want to achieve but find many institutional and other barriers in trying to achieve this.

There seems to be a movement in the social sector around the globe towards changing the way we work so we can see better results for our efforts, build on what works and shift some of the entrenched disadvantage in new and innovative ways. This is one to watch.

Find out more or follow… www.fullframeinitiative.org

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